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Searching for a “No Win, No Fee” St. Louis, MO Attorney?

Do you need the services of a criminal lawyer, help retrieving an injury settlement, or have questions regarding disability or workers' comp? The Law Offices of James F. Haffner are ready and willing to address your concerns at no initial cost to you. Whatever the nature of your claim, wading through complex legal proceedings without the backing of an experienced St. Louis, MO counselor leaves you vulnerable. James F. Haffner is a skilled criminal, accident, and civil attorney with over two decades of experience. Whether you've been involved in a car accident and are seeking personal injury compensation, or need assistance with filing for SSD, he'll deliver honest, dependable, and intelligent legal advocacy.


SSD and Workers’ Comp Filing for social security disability or workers' compensation without professional guidance can lead to complicated legal obstacles. Waiting to file or entrusting your claim to an untrained attorney can place your benefits in jeopardy. If you've been injured on or off the job and are being denied the supplemental assistance you need to cover the costs of your living and medical expenses, rely on a qualified SSD and workers comp attorney to fight the legal battles in your stead.


Aggressive Criminal Defense If you've been arrested under suspicion of committing a criminal act or feel you may be in danger of being charged, hiring a criminal defense attorney before your arraignment is the smartest course of action you can take. Our St. Louis, MO law firm has handled countless criminal law cases on behalf of clients. Whether you're being accused of driving while intoxicated or are facing an accessory to assault charge, contact our firm for the adequate representation you need.